Why are “drones that follow me” so popular nowadays?

As you already might know, drones nowadays have a whole bunch of great features that are making them more stable, safer to fly, easier to control, record smoother videos and similar stuff like that. All that makes drones for beginners user friendly and relatively easy to fly. In the sea of these features, people often take for granted one of the most common ones – the follow me feature. The truth is – people take this feature for granted because they are not aware of the fact that it comes in handy in a bunch of scenarios. They are certain that this ability just allows the drone to follow its transmitter, and at the first glance, they don’t really stop to think about the possible uses that could benefit from it. If you are among those people, I am about to show you what does this ability actually mean and what usage scenarios can greatly benefit from it. So, with this in mind, let us take a closer look at it in order to see what it is all about.

What are the best usages of this feature?

If you are interested in buying a drone with follow me feature, then you will be really happy when I tell you that there are numerous usages that can greatly benefit from it. For example, if you want to catch great aerial footage of your neighborhood without worrying about navigating your drone around like a monkey, simply put it in follow me mode and hop on your bike and pedal around. You will get a crisp smooth footage with minimum effort (just pedaling) which is something you will greatly appreciate afterwards. Another great use for this feature is during extreme sports such as mountain climbing, surfing, windsurfing and similar. It will record a perfect video and you won’t need to manually operate it during the action.

Is buying a drone to your kids a good idea?

Kids have always been obsessed with flying and flying toys ,so parents often decide to buy then “something that can fly” and make their kids a “wish come true” .Drones are made for adults but you can find a lot of drones specially built and designed for kids .They are not so big ,cheaper than others and made from plastic.


But before buying a drone for your kids you should know few things

  1. a) All drones are not easy to fly – Drones can be different ,from those which cost a 50$  to those which cost a couple thousand dollars .It would be logical for kid who is beginner to buy a low budget drone which are smaller and easier to control so he/she could learn on it and after some time buy your kid a bigger drone with better performances. Also in this period your kid would released does he/she is drone lover or not.
  2. b) There are many places to buy a drone – Most reliable place to buy a drone is Amazon .It does not take much time to find one from thousands of drones they have to offer you and you can buy from home.
  3. c) Talk with neighbors – Drones have range from 50 meters to about 1000 meters so you should consider your neighbors reaction after your kid will be flying with drone on street or in their backyard.

All in all , drone is one great toy both for kids and adults because we are all kids deep in ourselves so if you buy one for your kid it will not be a mistake.